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Below is the after video / an example of the visuals we created for Boomtown Fair Tek shop. This will probably be the best visuals you have ever seen….

Boomtown Fair Custom Visulals

The optimum live performance has incredible Audio and Visual. The visuals should wow you just as much as the audio.


This is something that is often overlooked and only really achieved by large festivals. It is something that is assumed can only be accomplished if you have a massive budget, so it is ignored at many smaller events and venues.


There is also the space issue, many small events don’t have the space for projectors.


What we wanted to do was bring the festival style custom visuals to smaller events. As you can imaging we had a couple hurdles to get over, the first being the space issue.


Many venues don’t have the space to project a screen behind the DJ, this is overcome by using a ultra-short throw projector. This can be set up as little as 30 centimetres from the wall and create a full screen behind the DJ, something you would only see at a large venue.


The second hurdle is creating the art, many venues put the same few minute loop on all night we are able to create custom visuals for the artist performing and even input a live feed onto the projection..


The third hurdle is rolling it out on a large scale we have demonstrated this service at a couple underground events and are now looking for partners to roll it out further.


See trailer below for an example of the custom visuals we are able to create incredible visual experiences.


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